Dreamgirl Lingerie and Costumes have been providing sexy lingerie styles and quality fitting garments for over 30 years. Over the years, our styles have evolved with current trends, and we've expanded our selection and variety to accommodate the surge in demand for adult costumes and sexy night wear. You can see our progressive designs through the years in our lingerie and costume archive collection below:

2017 Dreamgirl Lingerie and Costume Collections

2016-2017 Dreamgirl Lingerie and Costume Collections

2015-2016 Dreamgirl Lingerie and Costume Collections

2014-2015 Dreamgirl Lingerie and Costume Collections

2013-2014 Dreamgirl Lingerie and Costume Collections


Dreamgirl is committed to providing quality garments that you can depend on. We wish to ensure only genuine Dreamgirl products are present online, and have created this archive of our lingerie and costumes in an effort to help others verify the source of these images.

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