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Dreamgirl Bridal Guide

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Posted on May 28, 2020

It’s wedding season, but it’s a little different this year. 

Some weddings have been postponed, others have been adjusted to accommodate new rules. And while some couples feel uncertainty about the status of their marital celebrations, one thing is for sure--you don’t have to give up on the excitement of soon-to-be union or the sexiness that comes with you donning your title of “Mrs.”

Surely you’re asking how do you get excited when you planned for a lavish--or even a moderate or intimate celebration designed to embody all of you and your partner’s love? First of all, you remain calm. Know your day will come, but maybe just not when you originally planned. Second, know you’re not in it alone and many other brides-to-be are going through the exact same thing. And last but not least, plan on all the ways you’re going to keep your new union sexy by exploring bridal lingerie  (and get in some practice while you wait)!

And for those of you pretty ladies, that are friends of a bride, a part of her bridal party or family, gifting her with some lingerie might be the pick-me-up that she needs to stay excited for her big day, despite it all.

Happy Wife. Happy Life.

No doubt that with becoming a wife, you'll want to share the news. Best way to do it? The Soft Jersey Wifey Bodysuit. Whether it’s a few months out or you just had a private little event, but want to make your new role known, this is the one to wear. Trade-in this sexy little thing for sweats, with its sequin lettering, lace detail and thong back. Why? Because now is the time to prioritize intimacy. With everything going on it’s important to do this to keep your connection strong, but also because difficult seasons can bring about stress. Sex releases oxytocin--the feel-good hormone and who doesn’t want that?! So done this bodysuit as a way to encourage some pre-marital intimacy. Wear it to bed, while you make breakfast or just hanging around the house, no matter how or where, it’s bound to leave you a happy wife. 

Princess Bride Vibes

Just because your date was postponed, that doesn’t mean you and your partner can’t still celebrate it. You might find yourself feeling down if and when your actual wedding date rolls around. Rather than get lost in this “we should have been...” conversation, take back the date. Maybe you want to have a commitment ceremony or a virtual cocktail party or a minimony--a new term that’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a mini-ceremony with 10 people. All that said, you can still celebrate your wedding date and easily transition into your wedding night. The perfect look for that is the Stretch Lace Teddy with Cascading Train (detachable). This piece is so versatile. It’s bridal, but it’s a super sexy teddy that’ll definitely make you say, “I do.” Remember, brides there’s power in lingerie. And you don’t have to scrap your special day. 

Look Into My Eyes

Weddings are all about love and romance, right? So bring the romance back into this and stop thinking about the planning for a moment. Remember each other and why you fell in love and why you’re in this, to begin with. Engage in little gestures that make each other feel special, loved, and of course, desired. We suggest taking some time from Netflix and the zoom meetings to reconnect. Gaze into one another's eyes for a few. It sounds simplistic, but doing this synchronizes brain activity between two people. From there amazing things can happen. Put down your phone. Get dressed up in something sexy like the 3 Piece Bralette and Skirt Set. Then watch the sparks fly.

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