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Meet Dreamgirl: Jay Fresh

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Posted on May 18 2020

Body confidence, beauty, and a heart of gold? Meet, Jay Fresh. Not sure we could obsess over this Texas babe anymore. When we first spotted Jay sporting Dreamgirl Lingerie, we knew we had to see more of it. Never one to subscribe to a particular look, Jay shows she’s a chameleon style going from sexy short pixie cuts in neon bodysuits to super glam lingerie style in the middle of her kitchen. Catch up with Jay on Instagram and you’ll be delighted to find a girl that you just want to be besties with and meet for post-pandemic cocktails. She says sexy is a “state of mind” and has nothing to do with your body. And she believes a Dreamgirl has no constraints. What’s more, is she’s an avid lingerie collector with over 50 pieces. Peep all her goodness on Instagram, but get to know her a little better by reading below.

First thing’s first, how many pieces of lingerie do you own? 

Oh my gosh,  at least 50. No matter what I go shopping for I always end up buying at least 1 piece of lingerie. 

What’s your favorite type of lingerie piece: teddy, babydoll, bra and panty set, chemise, or something else?

I would have to say Teddies. It adds such a naturally sexy contour to the body. 

What do you love most about wearing lingerie?

How sexy it makes me feel. Nothing better than a warm bubble bath and slipping into sexy lingerie after. 

If you were a piece of lingerie, what would you be and why? 

A bra. Who wouldn’t want to hold boobs all day? Lol.

What’s your advice to women who want to delve into the lingerie world, but might be a little timid?

I’d tell them to go for it. Buy some lingerie, try it on alone at home, and really receive how it makes you feel. Sexy is a state of mind, not a body type. Embrace it. 

Who do you think is the ultimate representation of female empowerment and why? 

For me personally, I love the strides Jane Fonda has taken in the world of feminism. She is really making a difference for women who suffer from eating disorders from trying to live up to society’s beauty standards. 

Who’s your fashion/lingerie inspo? 

I’ve been a fan of Dreamgirl lingerie for quite a few years now. I love creativity and the pieces Dreamgirl offers are different, original, and allow me to express myself.

Your favorite inspirational quote or words you live by: 

Believe and Manifest.

In your opinion, what is a “Dreamgirl”?

A Dreamgirl is everything you desire. She is many colors, many shapes, and many sizes. She’s smart, motivated, creative, and beautiful both inside and out. 

You lingerie style: Romantic, sophisticated, flirty, or fetish/edgy? 

A cross between romantic and fetish.

Finish this sentence: Lingerie goes best with….


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