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our story

Founder, Pat Fischer started the brand Lovin’ Enterprises in the year 1978. She began the company catering to house parties. She would purchase products, including lingerie, and host parties for friends. The more lingerie she bought, the more her love for it blossomed. Pat decided to grow this passion of lingerie by creating her own line, called Dreamgirl. She went out and purchased laces and trims while hiring an exclusive designer to help her dreams come to life. Pat produced her own line of lingerie in Los Angeles and Dreamgirl was born. Later down the line, Pat saw the potential to also accompany costumes to her successful line of lingerie.

Today, Dreamgirl is led by industry veteran, Barry Revzen. Dreamgirl is a global wholesaler, distributer and importer of not only lingerie and costumes, but also wigs and accessories. Dreamgirl continues to grow and carries on Pat’s legacy throughout every gorgeous design.

our vision

Dreamgirl strives to be a global leader in lingerie, costumes, wigs and fashion by empowering creativity, design, and providing the best-value products. We want to elevate what we wear not on the outside but underneath it all with our lingerie. With our exciting wig and costume line, we demonstrate how we continue to be on the forefront of innovation, creativity, and stay ahead of trends and market changes. As we are rapidly growing our business into other categories, our goal remains the same. We strive to be the best at what we do, provide a caring and well managed organization for our partners, customers and employees and be responsible world citizens. Our hope is that our customers find our products inspirational, beautiful, chic, and it brings them as much joy as we have creating it.

our product

At Dreamgirl, we pride ourselves in our craftsmanship and artisanal fabrics, laces and trims that are sourced from around the world. We provide value to our customers with a quality product that they can enjoy for many years.

Dreamgirl is targeted to all types of consumers from trend savvy to those that know they will get a superb product that offers style and quality at a great price. Our custumer is a free spirit who wants to stand out from the crowd and feel special and recognizes that starts from the first layer. Whether they are inspired to dress up in our costumes or in our lingerie.


The Dreamgirl Brand and private label designs are available at select major retailers around the country. We are evolving and positioning ourselves to be an even bigger force in the industry by diversifying our categories to become a more well-rounded brand that caters to an even bigger audience. We continue to dominate the lingerie, costumes, and wig categories and have added shapewear, swimwear, foundations, accessories, athleisure, loungewear, and more. Dreamgirl designs are available worldwide through our wholesalers’ store fronts, distributors, and e-commerce digital stores

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